Partner RAT Bundle (2 RAT Devices)

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The Rider Alert Technology  No Rider Left Behind is a brand new system that promotes safety among motorcyclists while riding together on the road. This invention has numerous benefits for the riders within your group.

If you are in the formation and lay the bike down RAT automatically sends a robust signal out to the other riders within your group.*

  • If you have mechanical problems, you can send a distress signal to the other riders within your group.
  • If you are on side of the road you can alert other riders within 1/2 – 3/4 of a mile.
  • You can alert other riders in your formation if you see issues with their bike.
  • It keeps your eyes off the mirrors watching the person in back of you (watch the button instead).
  • The unit can piggyback, reset the unit and push the button again it sends out a robust signal 1/2 – 3/4 mile.
  • If you need a rest you can alerts other riders within your group.
  • Rider Alert Technology can also be used on dirt bikes, atvs, snowmobile, trikes, quads, cyclists, etc.

The Rider Alert Technology unit automatically activates once you start the engine (no on/off switch). The RAT has motion sensor technology that deactivates 15 minutes after you turn off the bikes engine. The RAT has approximately 240 hours of battery life and runs on three AA size batteries.

The Rider Alert Technology unit also attaches within seconds with the included fastening strap.

* Other riders in your group will need a RAT unit to receive the signal